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    During the Gezi Park protests two years of tear gas supplies were used in less than a week. Ankara is now so worried sales may be embargoed it has tendered for a domestic manufacturer. But some would like to see the canisters banned outright.
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    In the opinion by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court denouncing the practice, the judge wrote that the NSA had advised the court that “the volume and nature of the information it had been collecting is fundamentally different than what the court had been led to believe,” and went on to say the court must consider “whether targeting and minimization procedures comport with the 4th Amendment.”
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    In sign of investor skepticism, BlackBerry's stock has traded well below Fairfax's $9 offer price since the bid was announced it last month, days after BlackBerry warned it would report slumping sales, a big loss and job cuts.
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    The Dresch family met with tragedy the night that Hurricane Sandy bore down on the city last October. Despite evacuation orders from the city, they decided to weather the storm at home because they had been robbed when they evacuated for Hurricane Irene the year before.
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    In another lawsuit, the government last month released another ruling by the same 11-member court that found some of the NSA's email collection practices were unconstitutional because they scooped up tens of thousands of emails between Americans.
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